Pastor's Desk - April 2023

Apr 02, 2023

During this month we celebrate passion Sunday, Holy week, and Easter.  This season marks for me the treatment of the innocent and the triumph of good over evil.

Indeed, the arrest, trial and murder of Jesus by Roman leaders, aided and abetted by his own Jewish religious leaders, is nothing less than barbarous, cruel treatment of the innocent. Pilate’s wife stoutly warned him from a dream received to have nothing to do with that man as he was innocent. Pilate, instead of protecting the innocent, washed his hands of any possible accusation and supposedly of any involvement.

The dark side of humanity

Events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus represent in a large way some attitudes of the darker side of humanity. Humanity has a very dark side which was detailed in this event. The idea of betraying your closest friend; denying your friend after promising three times in the hearing of others that this is an act you would never participate in; maliciously gathering false witnesses to testify against the innocent man of crimes he never committed; displaying jealousy of the sweeping popularity gained by this younger, scholarly, and relevant colleague.

So Jesus, the innocent, in a way was a victim of the dark side of humanity. We say in a way, because we know his life was not taken, but there were those for whom his death was a deliberate choice. What is sad is that, the dark side of humanity did not die at the cross. That’s where the hosannas turned to crucify him, and the “Lord save me”, to “man save yourself”.

Victims of the dark side

What is even sadder, is that many persons, many innocents continue to be victims of the dark side of humanity. Whether from the child in the womb, the child with disability facing ridicule and abuse at home or at school; children kidnapped or sometimes in plain sight abused as others gaining benefit from the act, look the other way. Or the innocent faithful worker, trapped by devious, skillful, scheming white collar colleagues. It still happens, the innocent crucified by the dark side of humanity.

Let me ask, how do we deal with this dark side? What are the ways in which it is evident in nice people? How is it manifested in politicians, corporate executives, lawyers, pastors, and journalists? How is the dark side evident in our hurt children, in unhappy, unforgiving parents, in angry spouses, in teachers and those who help? Let’s face it we all have a dark side. We need to acknowledge this, confront it and choose to be liberated from its dominance.

The triumph of the cross

The good news is that the dark side of our lives aka evil, does not have the final word on our attitudes and behaviours. These can be changed. The triumph of the cross, is a triumph over sin. Sin is still present in the world, but its power and dominance has been capped and demolished by the resurrected Christ. So its true humanity can love instead of hate; can adore instead of abuse, can create hospitality instead of hostility and makes it possible for all to experience healing and hope in a hope challenged world. Through the risen glorified Christ, the Holy Spirit is available to the believer to who is empowered not only to overcome the dark side but to reflect in thought and behaviour the triumphant light of Christ.

PS, Boys and girls champs provide an example of the triumph of discipline and good work over evil and indiscipline, celebrate with your teams.