Pastor's Desk - Lent and War

Vladimir Putin seem to fit the profile of a bully;

A bully is one who insists on death before dishonour. Even when the action seems unpopular, inappropriate and irrational, it will still be pursued as to back down would be dishonour.  Putin has taken on a medium-size country and is beating them up not because of any great resources they have, because they are one of the poorest countries in Europe, but because of its location and history and geopolitical significance.

What are the issues behind this war?

Pastor's Desk - Overcoming online fatigue

Dear Friends,

I greet you well. It is almost two years now since Jamaica experienced patient zero infected with the Coronavirus. Since then, life for us has been completely transformed, disturbed or different. One of the ways we have all been affected is through reduced face to face activities and an almost dependence on online technology namely zoom, Facebook, YouTube etc. for worship and other meetings. 

Pastor's Desk - Lord Tech Me Your Path

Dear Friends

"Why I became a member of a church that turns out to be a cult"

Following our study on the cults two weeks ago. I’m led to say some more on this subject. This is more than a discussion on cults, but certainly highlights some aspect particularly that of a kind of profile of persons who are attracted to such groups. Who is attracted to cultic groups?

I don’t believe as a rule most people join a cult for the sake of doing so. But the group meets certain needs in the life of the adherents. What are these?