Tracking the Legacy of Enslavement and Emancipation in the Covid-19 Century

“There is some small logic in placing the issue of Emancipation between two of the most deadly plagues which have assaulted our Caribbean peoples.” Presenting the virtual Emancipation Lecture on July 25, 2021, retired deputy principal, UWI, Professor Pedro L V Welch indicated that the choice of the title for his lecture is not accidental, as the first of these he noted, is the long sojourn of chattel enslavement on the socio-economic and cultural landscape of this region, the second, he indicated is the unwelcome visitor who, if we personify its existence, has long exceeded our expectations

Pastor's Desk - When a Widow is born

Usually, we think about babies being born. They come into the world, are nurtured, cared for, attended to until they reach maturity and a new cycle begins.

What happens when a widow is born? That person who was married to another and the other has departed due to COVID-19, accident or a deadly disease. Recently I have been faced with the phenomenon of widowhood as there are a few persons I have discovered have been 'born' into this unwelcome phase of their lives.

Pastor's Desk - Family

Dear Family I am happy to greet you again.

This month the light is focused on families. This is something we need to do all the time but especially this month we want to draw attention to our families. I speak of those within this church and those in the community.  My main concern with families biological and church at this time is essentially how grief is being experienced during this unusual period.